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The American Awakenings Imprimer E-mail

by Marah Bukai
Exclusive for Al Waref

“The war on terror” allowed for a qualitative deviation from internal and external policy throughout President Bush’s two terms of office, during which time, this slogan was used to permit him to stray from his international obligations.

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Marah Bukai Featured in “BEST OF DC” 2009 Book Imprimer E-mail

 "Marah! Your illustrated success-story is in BEST OF DC its truly inspiring and inspirational", said publisher Mathew Christian Davis.
 View the book  in full screen at:

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What would Happen if Muslim Brotherhood Movement Gains Office? Imprimer E-mail

by Dr. Ahmed Saad*
Exclusive for Al Waref

If one wondered what would happen in Egypt, Jordan, Syria or any other Arab countries if the Muslim Brotherhood or a fanatic Islamist group gains power, even through the democratic process, one could look to the model of the recent war in Gaza.

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Conflit israélo-palestinien : un cycle électoral de la viole Imprimer E-mail
Emmanuel Martin Les bombardements et actions militaires sur la bande de Gaza par l’armée israélienne remettent sur la table la question : pourquoi palestiniens et israéliens n’arrivent pas à résoudre leur conflit ? Qui est fautif ? Est-ce uniquement le Hamas qui a refusé de renouveler son cessez-le-feu après six mois d’inactivité politique et militaire ?
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Institutional Change in Africa: From Imitation to Innovation Imprimer

By: Hisham el Moussaoui
Exclusive for Al Waref
Translation Editor: Jennifer Young

Despite the institutional reforms undertaken in the 1980s and 1990s, African countries are still in a time behind that of other more developed nations.

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The Prisons of the Arab Mind Imprimer E-mail

by Tarek Heggy
Exclusive for Al Waref 

I have been studying the Arab mindset for the last four decades from several perspectives. For a start, I myself am a product of this Arabic-speaking region and was able to study the phenomenon from the perspective of an 'insider' as it were, as well as from my vantage point as a researcher.

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A Deed of Trust between the People of Iraq and their Government Imprimer E-mail

by Dr. Mohamad El-Tai*
Exclusive for Al Waref 
We, the people of Iraq, (hereinafter referred to as the “First Party”) announce the need of a government (hereinafter referred to as the “Second Party”) consisting of professional technocrats to administer the affairs of the Constitutional Republic of Iraq.

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Will Hamas seize the opportunity? Imprimer E-mail

by Yasser Khalil*
Courtesy CGNews
There is no doubt that the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict represents one of the most significant factors negatively affecting the image and security of the United States and its allies. Among the challenges facing the Obama administration is improving this image, along with US relations with the Muslim world.

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