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American Political Vitality Print E-mail

By Marah Bukai
Exclusive for Al Waref

The U.S. institutions carry all the necessary chromosomes of eternal youth and attractive political vitality. It is still immune to the flaccidity and fatigue that hit aging nations. It will remain capable of running the democratic process inland and overseas into the third millennium of modern human history.

Cultivating a Culture of Fear: Post 9/11 America Print E-mail

 By Jennifer Young
Exclusive for Al Waref

Wellbeing is generally synonymous with having security. This could mean security of food, shelter, identity, freedom; security from harm. When this security is in danger; either perceived or real, it is natural to act aggressively to protect what one holds dear. However, in the case of United States diplomacy,what should be sacrificed in the name of national security?

The Power of Dance: Uniting the World Print E-mail

By Marah Bukai
Exclusive for Al Waref

What kind of pleasure can be found in vibrant movements of the body, its studied shivering, and its fight against emptiness? And how can dancers succeed in maneuvering on the stage to the point where it takes our breath away?

No More Than a "Refuge" Print E-mail

 By  Tarek Heggy
Exclusive for Al Waref

Many in Egypt today are talking about two features that have come to dominate the country's social landscape. The first is that manifestations of piety have become far more widespread in recent times than they were a century ago. The second is that there is a noticeable upsurge in behavioural.

Is Hamas Committed to the Ceasefire? Print E-mail

By Yoram Kohen

 Despite this breach of the tahdiya, or ceasefire, both Hamas and Israeli leaders have stressed their desire to deescalate the situation. But considering Hamas's history of violence against Israel, the organization's commitment to the tahdiya is open to serious question.


Gaza Protest in Washington D.C. Print E-mail
By Helen Fenimore
Exclusive for Al Waref

 On a cold, January afternoon long into the evening, more than 500 people came to meet in front of the Israeli embassy voicing their frustration at the governments of Israel, the United States, Egypt, and others for their tacit approval of strikes against Hamas,
The Arab World gets Serious about Climate Change Print E-mail

By Batir Wardam

Few Arab cities, including Amman and Dubai took part in the symbolic initiative done two weeks ago to turn off lights in cities for one hour in an activity called Earth Hour advocated by the World Wide Fund (WWF). For many of the still evolving species of Arab environmentalists, this was a much celebrated step.


Interpretation of the Scriptures: The Qu'ran Print E-mail

By Ghaleb Beincheck

As international communities are more and more preoccupied with increasing violence and integrism in the name of God, the First World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace stimulated reflection on what religions promote, their relationships, and their influence on populations.



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